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How do i “Reserve MY DATE” ?

A contract is completed. Half of the contract amount is due upon signing and the remaining half is due 45 days before your event date.

can i cancel my event after signing the contract?

Yes – but there are cancellation penalties that are covered in our contract.

can we change our event date?

Once booked, the date can only be changed if the new date is available and is less than 90 days after the old date. A $250 fee will be assessed.

what iF there is inclement weather?

Unfortunately, we are unable to help with this.


security/damage deposit

how much is the security/damage deposit?

The security/damage deposit is generally $500. Deposits may be more depending on the nature of the event. Payment is due 30 days before the event.

what is the process for IDENTIFYING damages?

A pre-rental checklist is prepared and compared to a post-rental checklist.

Will there be deductions from my security deposit?

Only is damages or overtime fees are assessed

when will i get my deposit back?

Within 7 days

Food and drink

can i bring in outside food and non-alcoholic drinks?

Yes – You are free to bring in your own food and drinks. If you decide not to use a licensed and insured caterer – you are responsible for kitchen and bar area cleaning.

Can i bring IN alcoholic drinks to serve my guests?

Yes – but you must use one of our two bar tending services

All alcohol must be served by the bartender.

Guests bringing in alcohol must give it to the bartender.

Cash bars are not allowed.

Last call for drinks is 11:15pm. Last pour is at 11:30pm.

Is a security guard required?

Generally not but BvHall may require a security guard for some events. The cost of the security guard will be $40 per hour.


hours of rental & operation

when can i begin my setup?

  • Party & Reception Packages – access at 4pm. Cleanup at 11:15 and exit no later than midnight.
  • 10am access is an option available on Reception Packages.
  • Party package are sold as blocks of time. Time begins when you arrive. Please allow enough time for decorating, the party and cleanup.

how late is bridgeview open?

All packages must end at midnight or before – last call for drinks is 11:00pm. Last pour is at 11:15pm.

can we add hours to our package?

Yes – as long as the end time is no later than midnight. Each additional hour is $200.

IS bridgeview hall open on holidays?

Yes – except for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Thanksgiving. However, a surcharge will apply to other holiday bookings.

tables and chairs

are tables and chairs included in the room rental?

Yes – tables and chairs are included.

  • 60″ round (seats 8 per table)
  • 8′ x 30″ and 6′ x 30″ straight tables
  • 32″ round bar height tables
  • 8′ x 18′ seminar tables
  • Attractive high end banquet chairs


is there an additional charge for cleaning?

No. After your event, cleaning is included in your package price. Anything that a vacuum, windex, hot water and soap will correct is covered under cleaning.

Excessive spills, stains or damage to the venue will be considered “damage” and may be deducted from the security/damage deposit.


If a licensed caterer is used, there will be no charge for kitchen cleanup. Otherwise, a $100 kitchen cleaning fee will be deducted from the security/damage deposit.

what cleaning should we do after our event?

A rule of thumb – what comes in, must go out.

  • Event area
    • Decorations taken down and removed from the venue.
    • Cleanup should begin no later than 11:15pm
    • Tables cleared of decorations, plates and glasses and placed in trash cans provided (we will take to dumpster)
  • Catering Area & Bar
    • Refrigerator emptied and spills cleaned
    • Food and drink items removed
    • Stainless countertops cleaned
    • Trash put in waste cans (we will take to dumpster)

Do you provide trash cans and liners?

Yes – they are provided at no cost.